Vision Board - app overview

hello everyone so this is the app is called vision board is super fun you can use it for your new years or for some other days where you can just visualize your dreams so let's just install it and see how it works because you know uh in a lot of motivational books and speeches videos people tell you that like instead of of just you know just thinking of dreams it's not enough if you want to if you want something if you want to achieve something it's much better to like draw it or visualize it or imagine it like you're in a movie so this is not some trick this is just like you're helping your brain to clearly understand your aims and this way uh your brain like has like more structured like ways ways to get there instead of just hey i want this amount of money like great but then just visualize them um yeah and then um this app is really cool because it's just designed exactly for that so you can give access to the to the to their photos and let's just explore how this app works so you can set up like your board here's some tutorial and then you can just tap the screenshot to save your vision board in your photos tap on the blind menu to open so here here is your vision board and there are different categories like rails and prosperity reputation fame love and marriage family and community of photo and health creativity and children knowledge and self-cultivation so for example if i have that i can just uh okay i can add this photo for example or [Music] i can add yeah so this is my board great unlimited boards if i want to upgrade i can have these features enjoy as free experience create custom information customize teams but basically here like wealth and prosperity you can upload from your uh from your camera roll but let's just explore is it only my camera roll or can i just like find it somewhere on the internet there are also a formations you can have that there are settings like there is a tutorial tap on the picture to add your own goal and then tap to plus your own uh board you can you can swipe between boards uh you can set the view mode and then yeah you can share the board so like so here you can just take a photo i don't know so first probably you just need to take a photo of yourself for example and then uh yeah and then for example like you if you want to add like your photo you just add there uh then love and marriage you also add something which you want to be added like wells and perspired you can just you know take a photo here like i don't know some 10 year or something and then you can just add it in there in this part so something like that and then you just kind of visualize dreams not your dreams but you just add all of that to your vision board and then you can just customize it as different colors like you know and what you want to achieve and then you kind of draw it so and yeah so that can help you out um like it's it's not some trick i think that it was described in some secret documentary which was very popular a while ago but um yeah it is it's it's some people it's not like some magic but it's just for your brain to have better like road map more structural steps what what what exactly you want so this can be a nice exercise for your new year affirmations for your new year dreams not just for new year so you can just do that so yeah that's basically an overview uh and then you can just tap here then you can just tap share and then share it with someone uh like if i share it here this is my vision board so yeah hope that is helpful

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