Vocal Range finder app - Sing Whiz - how to use?

Hey there, here's a viral app right now. It's kind of viral on TikTok. It's called Vocal Range Finder, seen with. So let's just give it a try. So I just tried it out. You can use it for free but it's very limited but it's still quite fun.

Basically, the idea is that this is kind of like an AI app or something like that where you just have some demo example and then you just need to try to sing like the lowest note you can and then attempt to sing the highest note you can. That's basically how you can find out your vocal range and discover what's your vocal range. So yep, that's just what you can do, how you can find it out.

And then also there are a bunch of exercises which you can try out. Here is a breakdown of how to use the Vocal Range Finder app:

  • Use headphones for a better experience.
  • Sing the lowest and highest notes you can.
  • Discover your vocal range and voice type.
  • Explore exercises to improve your singing.
  • Upgrade for more features like additional exercises.

For example, if I wanted to redo my vocal range, I would use the app to determine my lowest note and then explore singers in that range or other related content. The app also offers exercises to help train your voice.

There is one free exercise available, with additional exercises requiring an upgrade at $15 per year or $3 per month. It's better to use headphones while engaging in these exercises. The app features a play demo function and a start exercise button for a seamless experience.

While I am not a professional singer, this app is a fun way to experiment with your vocal abilities. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned singer, Vocal Range Finder can be a valuable tool for enhancing your vocal skills. Give this app a try and explore the possibilities for improving your singing.

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