Vocal Range Finder app - Sing Whiz - what is it? How to use

A new app gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok is the Vocal Range Finder SingWith. This app offers singing exercises and warm-ups to help users enhance their vocal skills. Let's explore what this app has to offer and how to use it effectively.

SingWith is designed for singers of all levels, from beginners looking to have fun with friends to professional vocalists. The app assists in discovering your vocal range and provides tools to practice and improve your singing abilities. Additionally, SingWith can help identify artists with similar vocal ranges to yours, offering a unique way to explore musical connections.

Upon opening the app, users are prompted to enter their name, gender, and grant access to the microphone. They can also set their vocal range and voice type, along with receiving tips on improving their voice. The app features interactive exercises for warming up the voice, refining pitch and tone, and expanding vocal range, making it a comprehensive tool for vocal training.

To enhance the experience, it is recommended to use headphones while using SingWith. The app guides users through various exercises, providing feedback on pitch accuracy, targeting, endurance, flexibility, and vocal range development. Users can practice daily to observe improvements in their vocal abilities.

While the basic features of SingWith are free to use, additional exercises and advanced functionalities require a subscription. Users have the option to upgrade to SingWith Premium for $15 per year or opt for a $3 monthly subscription to access the full range of features. The app provides a seamless user experience and a valuable resource for singers looking to refine their vocal talents.

Overall, SingWith offers a user-friendly interface and a range of tools to support vocal training and development. It is a convenient app for aspiring singers and professionals alike to hone their craft and explore new musical possibilities. Whether you're looking to improve your vocal technique or connect with artists with similar voices, SingWith provides a platform to enhance your singing journey.

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