VyStart Mobile Banking app DOESN'T WORK, BUGS, GLITCHES what you can do

hey everyone so i'm just going here through the vista mobile app trying to figure out what you can do this app is being in the top charts of finance category but like as you can see the average rating is 1.2 out of 5. people are completely frustrated nothing works people can see their funds so as you can see here the reviews here is like terrible had to download completely different app now no matter what i do i can't log into my account either i tried clicking can sign in there was an error after following these steps and some people switching over to chase this app is horrible no data to display when trying to send a verification the app is down give us back the previous app so but basically there was a previous app which was already kind of a bit glitchy and then they released a new app which went in the top charts of app store and it's actually crashing um i don't know what the issue about is because of some server issues because the app was like in top charts of the app store or the app itself is quite buggy so there is no like even like one two star reviews like one star reviews everywhere app doesn't work i i'm only getting one star because it would let me give zero stars why not a good start new app can access accounts and people can't also contact the support here or anything like that what is even happening new app [Music] people are super viewers because yeah you can't access accounts uh which yeah you can't see your funds anything um so i don't know the exact quick solution to it honestly of course you can just tap on app support here but yeah and then you should be redirected to some kind of website uh that's what you can do um so here you can try to reach out somehow yeah contact us here you can see the numbers if you're in us you can try to call them you can also tap contact chat uh [Music] yeah basically that's what you can do but i guess that's just the app is actually not functional at this moment maybe try like in a few hours trying a few days but this is there is no guarantee the app will be fixed this is actually pretty pretty super weird that they this is kind of like one of the leading like bank apps and it doesn't work at all after an update uh if you if it does work for you just please leave in the comments below maybe it will help out thousands of people because of course i can suggest some regular advice like restart your phone try different wi-fi connection try different 3g 4g connection restart the app you can just swipe up like that and restart the vstar app but it seems a lot people tried all of that as i see here in the comments and none of that is particularly working again it can be in some apps because the app as you can see is in the top charts of finance category and if you have the app like that you have millions of users and probably there is just like some servers are not ready for that so maybe after all of all of this influx of users is gone maybe the app will start working but this is just an assumption and for other apps usually would you would have some kind of discord channel or you know some at least like quick support ticket here it's it's not available so yeah like one suggestion is that if you already solved your issue figured out how you can access this app on mobile or you're just using it through the web interface just leave some comments and suggestions below it can help so many people

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