W app - how to upgrade to W GOLD?

In this video transcript, the host discusses how to upgrade to W Gold in the W app. By upgrading, users gain the ability to see who has liked them and the first letter of the person who sent the like. To unlock the full names of those who have shown interest, users must upgrade to W Gold. This subscription service costs $7 per week.

With the W Gold subscription, users also gain access to additional features such as unlimited hints, secret crush alerts, and the ability to see up to three people who have liked them. The current offer provides a 30% discount, though it is not clear if the $7 price already includes the discount or if it is the discounted price.

Although the features of W Gold may be appealing, it is worth considering that the app was recently released, and not many people have joined yet. It may be wise to wait until more users, including friends and colleagues, join the app so that the experience becomes more enjoyable.

Given that there is no free trial available, some users may find the cost of the W Gold subscription to be quite expensive. It is recommended to carefully evaluate the value of the features offered before making a decision.

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