W Connect by Walgreens - app overview

hello so here is interesting app which is called we connect by walgreens so it's kind of like a social network app by walgreens we connect is an information and communication platform from walgreens that enables you to access and engage with company news stories and resources learn more about walgreens locate the new restore so you can just first search stores uh uh like and then you can see all the all the information about these stores and all of that that's kind of handy app you don't need to use like a google maps or something you can just see uh find the store and just find it there then you can just search okay so you can do it here um you can then there is like get social option you can share your experiences so yeah okay it's like very basic app but that's what it is what people are using it to find a store location because walgreens is a massive uh network so it can be handy to have just like this separate app

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