WAITING LIST in TRUTH SOCIAL BUGGY updating in reverse

um so uh waiting at least in uh true social app is quite buggy so some people are signing up and then when they create an account they check about an hour or so later and then the the waiting list is not lower in the queue but that's higher so it was like 21 000 then it becomes 56 000 and another hour later 112 000 pretty confused uh why you keep pushing further and further back and it's not only only these reviews are some other reviews for like waiting list is buggy so you can see here someone signed up number 342 and then after a few hours 93 000. so like probably there is just influx of users for a new app and uh yeah that's basically some technical issues maybe they will be resolving in near future might be after some app update but yeah developers maybe can fix that um but yeah for some reason like waiting list is quite buggy i don't know how much time it will take for the app to to fix that and how much time it takes for the users to actually go in the app hope that is helpful

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