Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets - app overview

here's interesting app which is called watch faces gallery and widget so with this app you can create interesting nice wallpapers for your Apple watch uh yeah like sometimes you just want your Apple watch to not be that boring and customize it a bit with all these different faces and widgets so you can have them here you can have all these new faces you can customize your watch you can choose your Apple watch series have some notification yeah so something like that that's what you can do iPhone iPad and Apple watch apps uh this app gives you one click install feature a special design of watch prices Gallery update especially for Christmas your house data might be used in this app though so um and this app is compatible with any Apple Watch series 7060 C series five four three and series two even older uh so yeah let's just open the app and here let's just see how it works obviously you will need to have Apple watch [Music] so unlock all faces unlock for Lifetime that's only 6.99 USD for a lifetime access which you can unlock here and then yeah you can just see top popular watch faces here and then yeah you can choose the Apple Watch series like um You probably watch series 8 for example okay so probably these new ones are uh the requiring subscription and then there is some like lifetime access deal just for the holidays which you can access and then you will need to upgrade here so it's one time purchase it's not the subscription um uh so something like that so yeah then you have settings then you can configure Apple watch here like so here you can see all those the models like that for example and then uh you can just select that create faces in one click you can always reach out to their support So if you just uh write support at you can reach out to those um so yeah something around that sorry I'm not demonstrating you with uh with Apple watch exactly how to do it um so then of course you can always go to a full FAQ uh so here you can just go through how to add uh so how to add free word faces so click the cross icon on the above free watch faces as well for every user without any payments are situated in the free section on the top of the main screen or in other sections and Mark out with the white add buttons so something like that so as you can see the free version is a bit hidden so if you want you can just add for example this just tap add uh uh uh and bam yeah you can just continue adding just follow all these settings uh okay so there is some issue maybe you can just add like this Okay so uh press watch icon on the next step so then here you just need to press the watch icon it will be available if your Apple watch is connected and from there uh uh yeah so something like that um hope that is helpful actually it's interesting app if you're using Apple watch more and more people are getting Apple watch these days it's it's easier for your Fitness or for your everyday work life it's getting better in the beginning it was like you know running very slow fast and battery and maybe it's a bit too heavy now it's becoming better and better and actually yeah it's growing so anyhow this is the app just for you to know that of course you can start customizing all of that there are so many new customizations in iOS 16 with lock widgets then there are home screen widgets from IOS 13 and otherwise like with all this new app icons customizable widgets screens live wallpapers you can really customize finally your iOS devices and make them make them really yours and really for you and make them stand out hope that is helpful

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