“We closed the video window, because your device is low on memory” - messenger app

Recently, users of the messenger app have reported encountering a message that reads, "We closed the video window because your device is low on memory." This notification often appears when attempting to watch a video within the app and serves as a reminder to users about their device's memory constraints.

In a recent video transcript, a user shared their experience with this message. The individual mentioned utilizing picture-in-picture mode to navigate between apps while on a video call through messenger. However, at times, the video window would close abruptly, signaling that the device's memory was running low. The user explained that heavy usage of other applications simultaneously could trigger the closure of the video window to preserve memory.

To prevent the video window from closing due to low memory, users are advised to avoid running memory-intensive apps, such as games or browser tabs with high resource requirements, while using the messenger app. Additionally, users with older iPhone models, like the iPhone 14 Pro, may encounter memory limitations when using the messenger's picture-in-picture mode.

While the exact settings to adjust this behavior are unclear, it is essential for users to understand that the message about low memory and the subsequent closure of the video window are normal responses to memory constraints. As devices continue to evolve and demand more resources, being mindful of the apps running in the background can help optimize the user experience when using messenger's video features.

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