Webtoon free coins by inviting friends

Here's the transcript:

Here's the Webtoon app and I got a free coin by referring people, so feel free to use my code. But I want to try it out because it says once a friend signs up with your code, you will both get free coins. So I just wanted to take a look and check out if you will create an account with my code, will you also get free coins. Let's just go and let's just, um, go and I will just try to, you know, sign out so I can just log out, and then I want to log in, for example here. Let's see if that can work, all right? So you can log in with Twitter, with Google. So let's just, I will try to sign in here, and then I just agree, and then I just need to enter my purst, for example, and then I just want to figure out where do I enter these coins.

Here you see that come back later, explore the Webtoon app before inviting friends. So at the beginning, you can't invite people right away. They're just protecting you from, you know, scamming people. So you need to browse the app, maybe use it, and maybe, you know, download some episodes and all of that, and only then you will be able to invite friends. But yeah, so that's a bit weird. Maybe you need exactly to click on the link in the invitation, so that's why.

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