Webtoon Free Coins - Full Guide

Webtoon free coins so here is the guide. I already got a free coin in the Webtoon app. As you can see here, here free coins and then how you get it you get free coins for inviting friends to Webtoon. Here's how it works:

  1. Type your referral code.
  2. Your friend signs up using your code.
  3. Both of you will get free coins.

You can share your referral code and see how it looks like. Create an account, register your referral code to get three free coins. Remember, your referral code will expire 7 days after sign up, so act fast to claim your free coins.

To get your referral code:

  • Use my referral code.
  • Create an account and register.
  • Claim your free coins.

Recipient must be a new Webtoon user and redeem the code within 7 days of creating an account. At least, the process of sharing the referral code results in receiving a free coin. By sharing the referral code, you can help other users get free coins too.

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