WellsOne Expense Manager app - quick overview

here is interesting app Pulse one expense manager so if you just install it so let's just do it uh whilst one expense manager it's a app from Wells Fargo Bank and it's a different app and it's designed to help you keep track of your business expenses and complete core tasks Associated user Pro and transaction submissions with your mobile device from receipt capture to encoding to a pro and reimbursement device funds expense manager app helps you securely compute complete your expense tax tasks on the go so just basically capture your receipts add required information to transactions span Wizards like you can just which category these expenses belong to view card account information view credit limit information approach submitted card transaction um to get started download and install the boss one expand manager on your phone and yeah so that's basically as you can see the design is not that great even the screenshots here are not in right resolutions and then you can just see like you just add the receipt um add some coding tax amount and then you can just see all of the expenses and it will be added for each category can be like Transportation or trial lodging so like similar like there are apps like pleo you know where you can track your expenses for example in Europe it's pretty popular where you have like your player card and then you can attach your seats to that card in the app uh so yeah that's basically the app and then uh to secure the link your account to your mobile device just sign on to well expense managers through CEO app on your desktop or laptop then open the user settings menu select mobile app and get QR code so Sims for this app to work you need to have whilst uh one sorry like while CEO app which is like a separate app for corporate and business clients and then you just need to use this apps in sync yeah to be honest this app is also not has not the password use it's getting better and better but like design is not good and also like people right here on the reviews that this often crashes it's quite slow buggy buggy so you can just go through all the reviews it's like some people just write pathetic app I can imagine like you if you work in a company you need to upload like 100 receipts and the app just crashes in the middle that can be super annoying so it's just showing you here that of course it's been built by Wells Fargo's like one of the biggest financial institutions in us but uh just their app is not that good on on like on the business side their customer app seems is better so you can just go here you can see it's pretty good but the customer sorry like the business corporate app is not that good and this reviews app is uh sorry expenses app it's just so you need to figure out if you really want to use it or maybe there are some Alternatives I didn't use it but I was just one through reviews and then you can see the average ratings uh then there are some some bugs here and there

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