What are AI DREAMS in SnapChat?

Snapchat is gearing up to introduce a new feature called Dreams, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create imaginative backgrounds for users' photos. While the feature is not yet available, even for Snapchat Plus subscribers, it promises to offer a premium AI-driven experience. The recent popularity of AI-generated photos in apps such as Remini has sparked interest in how Snapchat will utilize this technology.

At present, the exact release date of the Dreams feature remains unknown, as Snapchat has not provided any concrete details. However, according to Snapchat, Dreams will enable users to use AI-generated selfies to place themselves in fantastical locations and scenarios. The feature requires clear selfies that do not obstruct facial features or include other individuals.

Additionally, Snapchat is also developing Dreams with Friends, a feature that allows users to grant permission to their friends to generate AI Dream images featuring both people. It is possible that these Dream images may be available as a separate pack, even for Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Despite having a Snapchat Plus subscription, users may have to purchase this Dream pack separately. Generating AI images can be costly, and some apps even require additional fees despite monthly subscriptions.

Screenshots of the Dreams feature have surfaced online, showcasing the forthcoming feature's interface. Users will be able to see the Dreams feature near their camera or within their stories. The process involves uploading multiple selfies to create unique and fantasy-like snaps of oneself.

The exact timetable for rolling out Dreams remains uncertain. Snapchat has yet to provide a clear roadmap for its release. As users eagerly anticipate Dreams becoming available, they can only wait and anticipate the imaginative possibilities that AI-driven images will bring to their Snapchat experience.

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