What are events in Talkie app?

The Talkie app is a popular platform that enables users to create exclusive memories through conversations. In this app, users can add events, which are also referred to as bonds. So, what exactly are events in the Talkie app?

To access events on the Talkie app, users need to tap on the plus icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Upon tapping this icon, a menu will appear, giving users the option to add events.

Events in the Talkie app are essentially specific moments or memories that users can create by engaging in conversations with others. These events or bonds are formed through an accumulation of conversations, rather than just a single message. In other words, users need to have multiple conversations with others to establish a bond or event.

By promoting ongoing conversations and interactions, the Talkie app aims to encourage the formation of meaningful and long-lasting connections between users. It recognizes that true bonds are built over time, through multiple conversations and exchanges.

To create an event or bond on the Talkie app, simply engage in conversations with other users. Send messages, share thoughts, and connect on a deeper level. Over time, as the conversations accumulate, a bond or event will be created.

The Talkie app provides a unique and innovative way to connect with others and create lasting memories. By emphasizing the importance of ongoing conversations, it sets itself apart from other messaging apps that primarily focus on instant communication.

In conclusion, events in the Talkie app are special moments or memories that users can create by engaging in multiple conversations. By promoting ongoing interactions, the app aims to foster meaningful connections and create exclusive memories for its users. So, why not give it a try and start building your own bonds on the Talkie app?

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