What are Instagram Channels? Overview

hello everyone so Instagram launches a new broadcast chat feature called channels it's just been released these days but it will be released to select creators in United States today and it should be expand the feature to in the coming months to to more creators uh and like the point of this feature is that you can share public one-to-many messages to directly engage with your followers channels will support text images poster actions and more and Zuckerberg announced the feature by starting his own broadcast channel where he plans to share meta updates going forward so that's basically the idea like I think it's kind of similar to what telegram has so there you have it that's basically the idea um and that's exactly what telegram app is doing as I understand so like I'm using telegram app a lot just exactly for this feature just to read the news and get some updates and it's kind of a super convenient um yeah and it's it's better than Twitter for example so on Twitter you are following some account you can go to that account profile and then you can see recent tweets but on telegram you can go to that profile and then you kind of can see broadcasted uh no messages so uh so you there you have it uh and and they're adding commands Instagram will be adding more features such as the ability to bring another Creator to the channel uh so then you can just go uh the following creators it's currently only available to those people uh and there you have it so that's kind of a cool feature so that's that I hope that's helpful

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