What are NEW Tweet limits?

here on so I'm just going here through that tweet but I read cow and a Twitter is imposing some new limits to prevent some spamming activities and all of that so in case you're wondering here as I just presented in a in a nice little snippet so now you can only send 500 direct messages per day so not more than that only 2400 tweets per day it's a daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi hourly intervals for Twitter counted as tweets um changes to account email for per hour so yeah you can only change your email four times per hour it just already might be a lot and then following dial is a technical follow limit is 400 per day please note that this is the technical account limit only and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following Behavior so there will be kind of flash Bots or kind of you know after following each other um once an account also is following five thousand other accounts additional follow attempts are limited by account specific ratios so yeah a lot of this new current like Twitter limits you can just go and update and go through them here oh seems it's just not loading maybe it's just so yes that's just an overview in in case you are searching how that might work

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