What are NFT playlists in Spotify? Quick overview

here's interesting feature by Spotify they are testing nft playlists meaning that they can only be unlocked by nft holders and then you can just unlock exclusive access to uh yeah to some playlist and there are some few tests already there is some Community Clinic ship NFC community this brand new token enabled playlist with Spotify this special created playlist uh for kingship key card nft holders um and then yeah so how does it work all you need is a kinship key card and if T2 unlocks this playlist on Spotify this pilot is only available on few in few countries so yeah just go to kingship exclusive playlist tap on the play icon then connect connect your wallet metamask trust wallet whatever connect wallet and then connect to this device and then you will be able to access this playlist so yeah it's kind of pretty cool feature let's discover if it's available here so same it seem seems it's not there because yeah I'm not but I'm just based in Europe um so um and it says Apple users can't access the feature what so yeah it's kind of a new interesting approach to this let's see how it develops and how it progresses

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