What are NGL LOVE MESSAGES? Overview

NGL bot messages list via NGLquestions.com!

what are NGL law messages so this is a setting if you type in gear icon in top right and then go to settings here you have this nglo messages on what is that Angelo messages and gel periodically sends questions and messages to brighten your day you can disable this at any time so this is what basically it is these are basically bot questions from NGL team yeah so it means it's a fake bot messages and it's very important sometimes just to know that this is a fake message so if you have the setting enabled you will see in your messages in the button send with love from Team NGL uh so yeah now with the setting enabled you clearly see okay this is a fake message and now you don't need to upgrade to uncover who sent you this because if you have this setting disabled then basically you can sing Oh some like secret admirer sent Mrs and then uh yeah you can then just uh yeah upgrade and pay money but hopefully it wouldn't happen

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