What are Reputation Points in Artifact News app?

If you are using the Artifact News app, you might be wondering about the "Reputation Points" feature. In this post, we will explain what reputation points are and how they work.

Firstly, to access your reputation points in the app, simply tap on the "Reputation" section. Here, you will see a number that represents the value you provide to the Artifact community, mainly through your comments.

Your reputation points are influenced by a few factors. When someone uploads your comment, your reputation increases. Additionally, if you add a photo or bio to your profile, your reputation also goes up. However, if someone downloads your comment, your reputation decreases slightly.

It's important to note that if your reputation falls far below average levels, it may result in suspension from commenting and voting. This is all outlined in the community guidelines, so be sure to read through those before engaging in the Artifact community.

Artifact News is a new app from the co-founders of Instagram. The app accumulates news from different categories using AI, and now allows users to create profiles and comment on articles. It's exciting to see new apps like this emerge and provide a space for community engagement and discussion.

In summary, reputation points in the Artifact News app are a way to measure the value you bring to the community through your comments and profile. Use the community guidelines to ensure you maintain a positive reputation and keep engaging in the conversation.

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