What are RETAKES in BEREAL? How to see number of ReTakes in BeReal?

What are ReTakes in BeReal app?

Retakes in BeReal means how many times someone retook a BeReal post before finally posting it on the app. ReTakes are number of attempts before posting a photo.

ReTakes on BeReal are number of attempts before finally posting a photo.

Yes, BeReal actually tracks how many times you are retaking your photo. The idea behind it is that BeReal wants to be authentic and real app, opposite to Instagram. Therefore it shows users that for example, before finally posting your photo - you did e.g. 3 attempts.

In this way BeReal wants to be different from Instagram - where bloggers can use many hours hundreds of attempts to create the final image. While on BeReal, authenticity and spontaneity is more important than perfect image.

Also, as the name of the app implies, BeReal wants you to be real. If you are using 10 retakes every time, your friends will see it and may think that you are faking your photo a bit. :)


What counts as Retake on BeReal?

Every time you are posting a BeReal, don't finish and click a cross icon in the top right - it adds up a new ReTake.

How retakes are counted in BeReal

I actually don't know if ReTakes count if for example, you start a BeReal and then close the app.

How to Retake a BeReal?

If you have not finished your BeReal post, tapped on cross icon in the top right and took another photo - that's a Retake.

But, if you posted a BeReal, it appeared in the feed and then you deleted it - then it is not a Retake - you just deleted your BeReal.

How to see how many ReTakes on BeReal?

First of all, you need to post your own BeReal for that day. Otherwise, all the features, including number of ReTakes are hidden.

Second, to see number of ReTakes, you need to have at least 10 friends on BeReal app. If you have less than 10 friends - number of ReTakes will be hidden unfortunately.

You can see number of friends on BeReal by tapping on the friends icon in the top left section of the app. Then go to Friends tab in the bottom - second from the left - and then you will see the total number of your friends in the top. You should have more than 10 friends in BeReal to see retakes.

Finally, if you posted your BeReal and have more than 10 friends, you can now see retakes! 🙌

To see Retakes for your own BeReal post, tap on three dots below your BeReal photo - in the area where it says 10hr late (for example).

See number of Retakes in BeReal

Then in the bottom you will see RETAKE tab and number of Retakes.

You can also tap on the tab and then you will see a small popup in the bottom.

To see number of Retakes for your friends posts, tap posted date of BeReal, as shown on image below. It can say something like 4hr late.

Then in the bottom you will see number of Retakes.

You can only see Retakes from your friends. It is not possible to see Retakes in Global Discovery feed.

To sum it up

You don't need to upgrade or anything to get access to Retakes on BeReal. You just need:

  • post your BeReal;
  • have more than 10 friends;
  • you can only see retakes of your friends.

It is not possible to hide retakes on BeReal.

Your Retakes are not visible to everyone, only to your friends.

I don't know if there is a limit of how many Retakes you can do before posting a BeReal.

Hope, you have a better understanding of Retakes feature in Bereal now!

Transcript of video

Here is BeReal. An interesting feature. If you tap on three dots, you can see Retake, and then you can see a locked icon. You can see number of times this user retook this BeReal. Add nine more friends to discover it.

In case you didn't know, you can actually retake BeReal multiple times and you can just go there. But you need at least 10 friends to see how many times your friend or this user has retaken the BeReal. That's basically the idea.

BeReal wants to be an authentic Instagram app - where you picture your real life, without additional filters and enhancements.

Therefore if you have many Retakes in BeReal it means that you weren't happy with the first result and then took Retakes.

Maybe for this app - it's not that cool. Because the whole point is to show your authentic, maybe boring, lifestyle.

In case you didn't know, that's the feature. Of course, this is the why in which they attract users to add more friends. Because, you can't see Retakes until you have at least 10 friends in BeReal app.

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