What are streaks in Wizz app?

what are strikes on these apps so if you just update this app to to the latest version I just see it here then you will see this uh strikes feature uh which are you can see it's like a fire icon to the right of the chat um and yeah that's basically the idea that uh yeah if you I think it works as the same as in other apps if you're messaging every day and you keep messaging every day you keep adding strikes so like if you message each other one day you have one strike then uh you message two dice you have two message three days three and so on so that's I think how it works the more you message each other the more strikes you have um uh so yeah and I think it then it just adds some additional benefits um I don't know exactly uh what exactly benefits or how or how yeah it can help you uh in some other apps like in noted app and other is like pretty important um because okay if you if you lose your strikes you also you lose access to some other features but so let's let's explore in Support Center so yeah uh for this for this moment it's not even in there in their um support Hub so that's basically uh what it is

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