What are SUBSTACK NOTES? Overview

Substack, a popular platform for newsletter creators, has recently introduced a new feature called Substack Notes. In this blog post, we will explore what Substack Notes are and how you can try them out.

According to Substack, Notes is "a new space where you can find and publish short form posts and join conversations with writers and fellow readers from across the Substack network." This new feature is aimed to be an alternative to Twitter, where users can share their thoughts without the character limit, and it is integrated with the Substack newsfeed.

To access Substack Notes, you need to update your Substack Reader app first. Once the update is complete, you can locate and access the Notes tab in your Substack Reader app. If you are not seeing the Notes tab, close the app, and re-open it. It should refresh the app and show the Notes tab.

Similar to Twitter, users can publish their notes, and others could like or comment on them. Also, you can subscribe to another user's notes and newsletter with a single click.

Overall, Substack Notes is an excellent addition to the platform, bringing more features to its users in one place. It's a space where writers and readers can connect and share their thoughts outside of the newsletters they create or subscribe to.

In summary, Substack Notes is an alternative to Twitter that lets you publish short form posts, and you can use it to interact and connect with other writers and readers. Update your Substack Reader app, access the Notes tab, and start creating your notes today!

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