What happened to Global Discover feed in BeReal? Can you disable Friends of friends?

In the latest update of the Beryl app, some users may have noticed that the global discover feed has disappeared. Instead, there is now a new feature called "friends of friends feed." So what exactly happened to the global feed and can you disable the friends of friends feature? Let's delve into it.

According to a recent video transcript, the Beryl app has undergone a significant change. The global feed, which allowed users to see posts from around the world, has been replaced with the friends of friends feed. This means that users will now only see posts from their own friends and their friends' friends.

The rationale behind this update is to make the app more social and user-friendly. By focusing on posts from people users already know or have some connection with, Beryl aims to provide a more personalized and relevant feed. Instead of scrolling through updates from people in different countries or unrelated circles, users can now discover what their friends and their friends' friends are up to.

If you find this change to be unappealing and want to opt out of the friends of friends feed, there is a way to do so. In the privacy settings of the Beryl app, you can specifically disable the friends of friends feature. Although the friends of friends tab will still be visible, you and your friends will be excluded from this particular feed.

This update reflects Beryl's effort to create a more customized social experience for its users. By allowing individuals to focus on posts from within their own network, it aims to enhance relevance and engagement. Whether or not this change will be well-received remains to be seen, as some users may prefer the broader perspective offered by the global discover feed.

Overall, Beryl's decision to replace the global feed with the friends of friends feed highlights the company's commitment to tailoring the app's functionality to better suit users' preferences. By providing the ability to disable the feature, Beryl ensures that users have control over their experience within the app.

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