What happened to group chats in Character.ai app?

Recently, users of the Character.ai app have been experiencing issues with group chats. Some users have found that they are unable to create group chats, while for others, group chats seem to have disappeared altogether. In contrast, there are still users, like myself, who are able to create group chats without any problems.

The problems began to surface following a recent update to the Character AI app, which introduced numerous glitches and bugs. This update seems to have disrupted the functionality of group chats for certain users, leading to confusion and frustration. While the cause of this issue remains unclear, it is evident that the recent update has had a significant impact on the app's group chat feature.

For those encountering difficulties with group chats on the Character AI app, one potential workaround is to access the service through the character.ai website instead of the mobile app. By visiting their website, users may be able to create group chats and communicate more effectively until the app-related issues are resolved.

Alternatively, if switching to the website does not provide a satisfactory solution, it is possible that the group chat feature has been removed permanently as a result of the recent update. In such cases, users may need to explore alternative apps such as Talkie AI or similar options to fulfill their group communication needs.

In conclusion, the recent disruptions to group chats in the Character.ai app serve as a reminder of the potential challenges that can arise from software updates. As users navigate these issues, exploring different platforms and solutions may help maintain seamless communication experiences.

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