What is a BONUS BEREAL in BeReal app?

What is a BONUS BEREAL in BeReal app?

BeReal, a popular social media app, recently introduced a new feature called "Bonus B-Reel." This feature allows users to share additional B-Reels per day, but only if their first B-Reel is posted on time.

So, what exactly is Bonus B-Reel? According to the video transcript, it is a notification that pops up when a user posts their first B-Reel on time. If the user receives this notification, they can share up to two more B-Reels that day.

It is worth noting that Bonus B-Reel is not yet available in all countries where BeReal is available. It is currently only available in select regions, including the United States and some European countries.

If a user posts their first B-Reel late, the option to post Bonus B-Reel will be locked for that day. However, they can still try again the following day to receive the notification.

Additionally, the audience settings for a user's first B-Reel will also apply to their Bonus B-Reel. If a user deletes their first B-Reel, their Bonus B-Reel will also be deleted. However, users can delete and repost their Bonus B-Reel as many times as they want.

As for availability, Bonus B-Reel will be included in a user's memories soon, but it is not yet available for this feature.

In conclusion, Bonus B-Reel is an exciting new feature for BeReal users who enjoy sharing their lives through B-Reels. By posting their first B-Reel on time, they have the opportunity to share even more memories with their followers.

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