What is a Bulk Chat in Wizz app? How to send a Bulk Chat?

hello everyone so here is uh this app so how to send a bold chat what what is bulk chat so if you want to send a message you just swipe up and then just move to the bulk chat and then you your chat will be sent to the next 100 profiles so that's like a feature from this app and then you you want to create some like not just High uh or how are you uh or something like that and then just tap send uh bulk chat but of course it's not free so you can send 100 chats for 250 V coins or you can send 100 uh the message is every week so you can send one volt chart per week with with gold uh yeah with gold so there you have it so you you need to upgrade or you need to buy Bitcoin so if you want to buy you need at least 250 so you can buy this 450 pack for 4.99 or uh you can upgrade to this gold and then you will get one bulk chat per week that's 6.99 weekly so that kind of makes sense to upgrade right because you also have all these additional features so yeah hope that's helpful

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