Locket Widget Captions have been gaining in popularity lately, and many users are curious about the meaning of the "number" caption. In this article, we'll shed some light on this feature and explain what it represents.

In the provided video transcript, the speaker wonders what the caption means and speculates that it could represent the number of lockets the user has sent. However, according to the Locket team, this is not the case.

The "number" caption actually refers to the order in which the photo was added to the Locket. For example, if you add a photo to the Locket Widget for the first time, the caption will read "number 1". The second photo you add will have the caption "number 2", and so on.

It's important to note that this order is specific to each person you send a Locket to. So, if you send three lockets to one person in one day, the first photo you add will be "number 1" for that person, and the fourth photo you add (to a different person) will also be "number 1".

The "number" caption is a useful way to keep track of how many photos you've added to a Locket and in what order. Additionally, it can help you identify which photos have already been added and which ones still need to be added.

In conclusion, the "number" caption in Locket Widget Captions represents the order in which the photo was added to the Locket Widget. It's a helpful feature that can assist in keeping track of photos and identifying which ones have already been added.

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