What is a quick add in Purp app?

Quick add in the Purp app is a feature that allows users to add friends in bulk. This feature makes it convenient and time-efficient to add multiple friends at once.

To access the quick add feature, simply go to the tab where your friends are listed. From there, tap on the quick add option. This feature works similar to a bulk message, where you can send hundreds of friend requests with just a few taps.

By using the quick add feature, you can quickly and easily expand your network by adding many friends at once. This eliminates the need to manually scroll through profiles and individually send friend requests, saving you valuable time and effort.

It is worth noting that when using quick add, your friends may not be aware that you are adding them in bulk. They will receive the friend requests as usual, without any indication of the bulk nature of the requests.

Overall, the quick add feature in Purp app provides users with a convenient way to rapidly increase their friend list. Instead of going through the traditional process of individually adding friends, users can take advantage of this efficient feature to add many friends in just a few simple steps.

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