What is a RED DOT to the right of INBOX in NGL app?

If you're using the NGL app and notice a red dot to the right of your inbox tab, you might be wondering what it signifies. Well, fear not! This little red dot simply indicates that you have unread messages waiting for your attention. It acts as a visual reminder to check your inbox and stay up to date with any new messages you may have received.

The purpose of this red dot is to help you keep track of unread messages that may have slipped under your radar. It serves as a helpful cue so that you don't miss any important communications or forget to respond to someone.

Let's take a closer look at how it works. Imagine you have been away from your inbox for a while, and during that time, several messages have arrived. The red dot will alert you to the fact that you have unread messages waiting for you. You can easily locate this red dot to the right of your inbox tab.

To access your unread messages, simply click on the inbox tab. Once you do, the red dot will disappear, indicating that you have addressed those messages. It's a simple and effective way to manage your incoming messages and ensure that you don't overlook anything important.

In the video transcript, the narrator similarly confirms that the presence of the red dot indicates unread messages. They mention that upon opening the messages, the red dot alongside the inbox tab disappears. This reaffirms the purpose of the red dot to inform users about unread messages and notify them once they have been read or addressed.

Overall, the red dot feature in the NGL app aims to enhance your inbox management by drawing your attention to unread messages. It's a helpful visual cue to keep you in the loop and ensure that you don't miss any important communications. So, next time you see that little red dot, make sure to click on your inbox tab and give those unread messages the attention they deserve.

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