What is Artifact app from Instagram co founders?

so what is artifact app so this is a new project from uh founders of Instagram and a super interesting Uh current system and my Instagram co-founders launching a new social term artifact Instagram post Krieger called it a personalized news feed feed driven by the lightest and artificial intelligence and there is also already the white list uh where you can you can sign up um machine learning has done so many amazing things slightly very excited to bring it to you in this new form uh when you open artifact according to platformer you will see a list of popular articles and when you click on one that's interesting to you you'll be searched more similar posts in the future kind of like tick tocks for you page but for news better users are also testing out features that show articles posted by users who follow along with their commentary on the posts and direct messages in boxes it's like a Twitter replacement can be and a lot of user actually looking for that in right now so uh uh yeah that's basically the idea of the app so you can go to the website and try to sign up for the white list uh to to the app so yeah we're currently in private beta enter your phone number and we'll text you a personal invite link when you're off the wait list you can also reach out inquiries at artifact.news they already have like a pretty cool design and uh yeah all of that so hope yeah I hope it will be exciting

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