What is Bing with Chat GPT - preview

hi everyone so seems Chad GPT is coming to being the search company which is owned by Microsoft and yeah like it was really super fast Microsoft says is using conversational AI to create a new way to browse the web users will be able to chat to being like chat GPT asking questions understand answers in natural language Microsoft has announced announced a new version of its search engine being um the company is launching the product Alexa alongside an upgraded version of its edge browser with similar AI enhanced features and yeah so there you have it uh so yeah the new being will comment will provide uh some new features just uh in the chat version and especially for longer queries like when you try to search not something like 10 best summer vacations or something but like can you tell me where I want to go in during summer stuff like that so if you just starting a conversation with search engine like who's the human so that's kind of one of the directions um so yeah so yeah there you have it uh and um Microsoft says these features are all powered by an updated version of GPT 3.5 the AI language model created by open AIS at Paris chat GPT uh and it's even more powerful uh the new being is live today for desktop limited preview but it appears users are only able to ask one of a number of present queries and receive the same result each time uh there is also a wait list to sign up for the full access in the future so yeah there you have it and it also will be available somehow in the edge browser so that's basically the idea

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