What is Bionic Reading? Apps overview

so what is only green app uh this app is is basically highlighting parts of the words uh some initial letters and uh this way you can read much faster so it uses artificial fixation points to emphasize parts of a work light in your brain completed using it will change the way you read completely and it's already available on iphone and mac it was created this app was created by swiss developer another cassot this tool is described as a new method of facilitating the original process by guiding the eyes through attacks with artificial fixation points so this is you can see an example of a reading mode in bionic way so like bionic reading is new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points and this is just if this is which you read as standard so if you try to read a bionic text it's kind of like if you try to focus it feels that reading is much faster here so let's just go to the to the to their website here's their website bionicrition.com and there is already api uh which is uh which is used and then uh it is used currently in reader five theory reads all our apps which you can get here so let's just you know you can go to to the app store and then you can get these apps so reader 5 is is an app where you can support bionic reading fury this is also an app where you can get that uh rss reader and then uh yeah you can you can support get bionic reading this is a free app and then liar or accessory there but this one is 9.99 so yep um that's the so you can try at least in the fiery feeds app uh to uh yeah to enjoy that the bionic reading can be individually adapted to the needs of all readers this flexibility allows by an ingredient to provide maximum customization for all users uh so you can just learn much faster and people who read that just say that it's just literally takes uh so much like it's so much faster and yep so this is the cool app and if you're a high school student if you just like to read and yeah this is a super interesting technology so yeah thanks for checking out

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