What is BTS - Behind The Scenes - in BeReal? How to post a video on BeReal?

So what is BTS in BeReal, behind the scenes? I just read it out on their TikTok, and yeah, this is basically the way to record videos on BeReal. So as you can see here, there is like a TikTok, and it has like a play icon, so meaning it's recording a few seconds before you take your BeReal photo.

And then it works if you have BTS on enabled. So yeah, that's basically the idea. That's what it means. Yeah, again, it's just called behind the scenes. It will be released in around two weeks on all BeReals. It's not like you're recording the full-scale video. It's just you're recording a few seconds before BeReal, if this feature is enabled.

So yeah, give it a try, but just make sure to update the app, and let's see when it's being released.

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