What is BTS off/on in BeReal?

BTS Off/On in BeReal: Exploring the Behind the Scenes Feature

If you're an avid videographer or just love capturing those perfect moments on camera, you might be interested in the new BTS off/on feature announced by B-Roll. This new feature, already released or soon to be released, adds another dimension to your B-Roll videos. But what exactly does BTS mean in this context?

BTS stands for "behind the things," and it refers to a short video recording that takes place just a few seconds before you start shooting your B-Roll footage. When using the B-Roll app, you'll notice a small label in the top right corner of the screen indicating that BTS is active.

Imagine you're setting up your shot, getting ready to capture that stunning B-Roll footage. With BTS enabled, your camera will automatically record a brief snippet before you start shooting. The B-Roll app captures this pre-shooting sequence and attaches it to your final B-Roll video.

It's worth noting that it's unclear whether BTS is only recorded with the front-facing camera or both the front and back cameras. However, regardless of the camera used, the app ensures that this BTS footage is seamlessly integrated into your B-Roll feed. When browsing through your B-Roll videos, you'll notice a play icon next to entries that include the BTS footage.

To experience this feature, simply tap on the play icon, and you'll be able to see the few seconds leading up to the B-Roll shot being taken. This added snippet allows you to relive the moments just before capturing your shot, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your creative process.

The BTS off/on feature offers flexibility to videographers. You have the option to enable or disable it, depending on your intended outcome. Enabling BTS means that you'll record those few seconds before you shoot, creating a unique and dynamic B-Roll video that includes a glimpse of the set-up. However, if you choose to disable this feature, your B-Roll video will be a standard, uninterrupted sequence.

This new feature by B-Roll is undeniably cool and adds an exciting element to your B-Roll shooting experience. Whether you're a professional videographer or a casual content creator, it's definitely worth giving BTS off/on a try. So grab your camera, enable the feature, and see how it enhances your B-Roll videos. Happy shooting!

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