What is Cancelled game in NGL app?

In the NGL app, there is a game called Canceled. This game is available only to users who upgrade to NGL Pro. The premise of Canceled is to share an opinion that will get you canceled. Within the app, there are various other games, such as "your crush" and more, which essentially follow the same pattern. These games involve sharing a language and inviting others to answer questions with a different prompt.

To participate in Canceled, simply tap on the game and share a link on your story. However, this feature requires you to upgrade to NGL Pro. Once you've upgraded, sharing the message works in the same way as the other games. The only difference is the background you will have access to, as well as the specific opinion you will express that could potentially lead to being canceled.

Furthermore, it's important to note that the link you share for Canceled will be different from those used in other games within the app. This distinction ensures that the content and discussions remain focused on the specific topic of cancellation.

Overall, the Canceled game in the NGL app offers users a unique way to share their thoughts and opinions. By catering to the concept of cancellation, it encourages individuals to consider the potential repercussions of their statements while also sparking meaningful conversations among users.

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