What is CLAPPER app? Why it is climbing in app charts?

Clapper app is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, but what exactly is it? In short, it's an alternative to TikTok. The interface looks very similar to TikTok, with short vertical videos that can be swiped up and down, as well as the ability to like, comment, and follow other users.

With the current concerns in the US about potentially banning TikTok, Clapper has been surging through the social media charts. Many US creators are trying out this app as well as other apps as a backup plan in the event that their TikTok following disappears.

When you download Clapper, you can see different categories, hashtags, notifications, suggested accounts, and your own profile. The app also features tips and tricks and allows you to customize your profile. You can change your username, add a profile picture, and even purchase Clapper coins, the platform's monetization feature.

It's important to note that we're unsure of how effective Clapper's monetization feature is for creator support. Additionally, the app has privacy and safety features that users can explore and adjust.

Overall, Clapper is an excellent alternative to TikTok worth checking out. It offers a similar interface and features, while also letting users post their own video and live content. So, why not give it a try?

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