What is daily quota in Hayo AI app?

The Hayo AI app offers a convenient chat feature, powered by artificial intelligence technology. Users of the free plan are provided with a daily quota, allowing them to send up to 50 messages per day. The app also sets an hourly limit for the chat, though the exact details regarding when this limit is reset are unclear.

The 50-message daily quota is quite generous and provides users with ample communication opportunities. Furthermore, the app displays the time of the quota reset, so users can easily track their usage.

In addition to the AI chat, the Hayo AI app also includes an AI drawing feature. Interestingly, it appears that the drawing feature has its own separate quota of 50 drawings per day. However, it is uncertain whether this quota is independent from the AI chat quota.

To ensure a smooth experience, the app sets an hourly image limit for drawing. Users are allowed to create up to eight images per hour using the drawing feature. Additionally, the app imposes a limit of 10 image-to-image conversions per day, indicating that users can transform 10 images into drawings using this particular function.

The Hayo AI app's generous quota and limits make it an attractive option for users seeking to utilize artificial intelligence-powered chat and drawing functionalities. Those who wish to unlock additional features can upgrade to the Pro version for a reasonable monthly fee of $4.29, available for both the AI chat and AI draw sections of the app.

Overall, the Hayo AI app provides users with a user-friendly and feature-rich experience, allowing for effective communication and creative expression through its AI chat and drawing capabilities.

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