What is Fediverse? Quick preview

what is fatty virus in case you are on Twitter and you are exploring a lot of um users actually mentioning that find me on on Friday verse of All of Me on fatty bars um there are a bunch of apps which are part of this new like social media universities you can say as a midback app is a part of the fatty virus a social network made up of thousands of independent social media sites servers the post you see here from third-party servers you have the freedom to engage with them or to block any server you don't like pay attention to the full username after the second ad symbol to Novi server a post is from uh so to see only posts from this app you just visit the midback dot app tab so here in the left sidebar you can see that mid bag dot app so yep uh something like that um that's basically the idea so Mastodon has that mid bag app like so just bunch of all this like servers which have their own you know users accounts but there are a bunch of other servers as well and you can just see This Global feed which is like called fudivars or you can see just defeat for This Server local server so that's how I understand how it works it's kind of more much more decentralized social media um maybe it's a new direction for social media actually so let's see how it develops

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