What is LGBcoin? Let’s Brandon Coin

hey everyone so what is lgb coin uh so there is a famous racer brandon brown here you can see him on twitter um and let's be lgb coin is basically a token which supports um yeah which supports this racer and basically it means let's go brown or let's go brandon uh yeah uh let's go brandon coin and announced as a full season primary this coin announced as a full season primary partner for brandon build motorsports and this announcement was just made on december 30th has signed on as the team's full season primary partner for the 2022 nascar xfinity series uh the partnership marks the latest crypto outfit to back a nascar driver and team a growing trend not only in motor sports but across all professional sport leagues in 2022 bms driver brandon brown will sport an eye catching red white and blue library with the log and warmer of lgb coin so this is how it will look like lgb coin dot io and lgb coin is the new decentralized uh meme cryptocurrency uh similar to like shiba or uh yeah uh like uh dodge coin that has achieved a market capitalization of more than 300 million in less than three six months um so there you have it having the financial support of lgb coin is incredible especially at such a pivotal time in our teams grows as we work to build to the next level of competitions at brown from wondering if you would have the financial means to continue to compete to my first major win at tala dagan no last to become an unintentional meme this past season was a roller coaster so the first debut will be on the february 19th 22. and this is an air c20 digital collectible coin on ethereum blockchain you can just go visit lgbtcoin.io so that's that's basically it so you just open that and if you're interested we can then just go to lgb coin so let's go brandon it means let's go brandon bimcoin how to purchase your lgb coins uh you can download crypto wallet coinbase wallet or metamaster phone tablet computer this will allow you to buy style and receive lgb send ethereum to your wallet steps reconnect your wallet to uni-swap and selecting uh swap ethereum for lgb uh so yeah here it is so that's that's what lgb coin is super interesting to see how it develops

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