What is libreddit?

Libreddit is a free and open-source alternative to the popular social news aggregation platform, Reddit. In simpler terms, it is a Reddit client for power users and developers who want a streamlined and customizable Reddit browsing experience.

So, what sets libreddit apart from other Reddit clients? Firstly, it is completely ad-free, unlike the standard Reddit platform which has ads littered throughout. This is a welcome change for many users who find Reddit's ads intrusive and annoying.

Another feature that sets libreddit apart is its customizability. Users have the ability to customize not only the color and layout of the platform but also the behavior of various buttons and links. Moreover, it has additional features like 'anti-evil' mode that filters out potentially malicious comments, which is quite appealing in the current age of disinformation.

Libreddit is built on the open-source software suites Flask and Vue.js. The backend is based on TensorFlow and Keras which makes it truly cutting-edge. Being open source, developers have the freedom to contribute to the library and thereby, foster an active community.

It is also notable that libreddit conforms with Reddit's API license which means it adheres to Reddit's rules and regulations. As a result, users can browse through Reddit without worries of being banned for violating Reddit's policies.

In conclusion, libreddit is a great alternative for power-users and developers seeking a highly customizable and ad-free Reddit browsing experience. Not only is it user friendly, but also open-sourced and has a promising future. While there are a few bugs yet to be ironed out, it looks like libreddit is set to give Reddit a run for its money.

If you are interested in giving libreddit a try, check out the project page on GitHub or the community on Reddit.

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