so here i'm trying to explore what is locket recap in locket widget app tap to what you look at memories from may so let's just explore how it looks like and then no no it looks like you didn't take many photos this month in order to make a recap video you need to have taken at least five photos so that's okay you have that but yeah that's like the idea of it is similar to like spotify wrapped where like you know in the end of the year you have overview of all your tracks and here you just have like all your photos combined in your video so that's basically how it works yep uh so hope that was helpful if you don't know what locket widget app is is the app where you can take a photo and then you can add a widget on your screen so just tap and hold and then you will be able to add a widget and that's like that and then your your photos will be displayed on on friends home screens instantly so you don't need to log into some chat or anything just send this photos instantly and it's it can be pretty addictive app so definitely give it a try

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