What is PostParty app? How to create an account?

here on so what is post party app it's a post party gameplay clipping so this app uh Rises rapidly in the top charts in IOS app store you can see um yeah it's actually the top 100 apps these days ads and it's a new app it's one of the easiest way to save and share your favorite fortnite and Rocket League moments across platforms the simplest way to capture Stone share epic gaming moments with friends and followers um so yeah so if you have if you're playing uh Xbox PlayStation PCR switch and you can just easily share uh fortnite clips uh yeah we are this app login to post party app is your epic games account uh Capture Moments for fortnite Rocket league with the press and hold of a button on your controller postparty will save store and even organize your content in the app when you're ready you can easily trim your clips and share however you like so yeah there you have it just log in with your account and then with your a controller with a joystick just you know share them and then they will appear in the app which is pretty cool and super convenient and then it's like kind of like a social media for these clips so then you can just sign in and then you need to sign in with your epic games account or use apple with steam with Nintendo with all of these accounts we already have so that's about that

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