hey everyone so i just reading this article here that revolut has a new feature called stace uh which lets users boo hotels and accommodations through its app so sync something like booking.com inside the revolut app and it's just launching in uk and it will be available in europe through the coming months so if you are not in uk probably this feature is not available yet in revolut app so yeah i think the idea behind it is that uh its revolut tries to become one mega app where you can just without leaving revolut app you can just do a lot of activities you can book your hotels you can of course organize your finances but also just manage all other parts of life which involve certain financials or transactions so it's like one-to-go app similar to what would you have like wechat in china or something like that so for example uh this is the revolut app and then if you just go to the hub in the bottom right sync travel and it will be available somewhere here so yeah now that's that's the feature it's not available yet on my account but let's see let's monitor

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