What is the meaning of green check in NGL app?

What is the meaning of the green check in the NGL app? If you have ever used the NGL app, you may have noticed a green check symbol appearing next to certain messages. This symbol holds a specific significance within the app’s messaging feature. Essentially, the green check serves as a notification to indicate that you have already replied to a particular message.

When you open the NGL app and navigate to your messages, you might see a colorful message. However, as soon as you access the message, it will turn gray. This change in color serves as an indication that the message has been read. Now, if you tap on the reply button and craft a response to this message, the app will display a green check symbol next to it.

The purpose of this green check is to signify that you have already replied to the message in question. As a result, there is no need for you to respond further; your previous reply suffices. The inclusion of this visual cue helps users keep track of their interactions within the app's messaging system.

In summary, the meaning of the green check in the NGL app is simply to inform you that you have already responded to a specific message. It acts as a visual reminder, ensuring that you do not duplicate your efforts by replying to the same message repeatedly. From a user experience standpoint, this feature streamlines communication within the app, making it more efficient and organized.

Next time you encounter a green check in the NGL app, you can now be confident in its purpose and the message it conveys.

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