What is W app?

What is W app? Anonymous Polls and Finding Out Who Likes You

W app is an intriguing new app that allows users to engage in anonymous polls and discover who likes them. This concept is similar to the popular Gaz app and has garnered quite a following. The main premise of W app revolves around users registering with their school.

Primarily designed for use within educational institutions, W app requires users to select their school after opening the app. Once connected with friends, users will begin receiving polls to answer. These polls consist of various questions about their schoolmates or friends in school, all while maintaining anonymity.

One of the key features of W app is the ability to earn trophies. By actively participating in answering polls, users can accumulate trophies as a reward for their engagement. Additionally, users will receive notifications if someone has answered a poll specifically about them, providing them with tantalizing clues about who might have done so.

In addition to receiving notifications and earning trophies, W app also allows users to receive compliments from fellow users. Users can create their own polls, seeking input and opinion from their friends and schoolmates.

Unfortunately, W app is currently only available in the United States, rendering it inaccessible to users outside of this region. Although users can still download the app globally, it may not function correctly for those outside of the United States. European users, for instance, might encounter issues while attempting to access the app.

It's worth noting that W app is not the first of its kind in this category. GazApp was another anonymous polling app that went viral, capturing the attention of many users. However, W app seems to have emerged as a noteworthy contender in this space.

In summary, W app offers an exciting platform for anonymous polls and discovering who likes you within your school. With features like earning trophies, receiving notifications, and creating your own polls, W app provides an interactive experience for users. While availability may be limited to the United States currently, it has the potential to expand its reach in the future, captivating users worldwide.

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