What does boost do on Wizz app?

Wizz boost - what does a boost do on Wizz?

What exactly does the boost do on Wizz app?

The boost will make sure your profile is seen by more people.

On average, people get 3x more requests when they are boosted. 📈

The boost will stay active for 30 minutes, and you will receive requests even if you are not using the app.

Wizz boost concept is super similar to Tinder boosts. On Tinder you can also buy a boost and be highlighted for 30 minutes.

How to get Wizz boost?

You can get a boost for free in your Daily rewards or buy one directly by tapping the blue ⚡️ in the top left.

If you want to buy Wizz boost:

  • it costs 250 WiCoins
  • get 1 free every week with Gold subscription
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