What is WORLD ID in Worldcoin app? Can you get it without Orb?

In the latest update of the Worldcoin app, a new feature called World ID has been introduced. World ID is a verification system that allows users to prove their uniqueness as human beings within the app. This can be useful for various purposes, such as logging in to other apps or making payments using World ID.

To access the World ID feature, simply tap on the World ID tab within the Worldcoin app. Here, you will find two types of verifications: device verification and war or verification. These verifications help ensure the security and authenticity of your World ID.

Additionally, the World ID feature provides information on the price of the world currency, which is a type of cryptocurrency token. This allows users to stay updated on the value of their holdings.

To further enhance the capabilities of World ID, several apps now support its integration. Popular platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Minecraft, Shopify, and Telegram have incorporated World ID as a login option. By using World ID to log in to these apps, you can provide proof of your unique human identity.

Moreover, World ID offers a convenient payment feature. By scanning a QR code, users can directly connect with World ID and initiate secure transactions. This makes sending payments hassle-free and ensures that transactions are conducted safely.

However, it's important to note that to fully utilize the benefits of World ID, users are currently required to verify their identity with Orb. Orb is a separate verification system that needs to be used in conjunction with World ID. Unfortunately, Orb is currently available in limited locations, making it slightly inconvenient for some users. Pre-registering for its availability is an option, with Germany being one of the countries where Orb is already operational.

In conclusion, World ID is a valuable addition to the Worldcoin app, offering enhanced verification capabilities and convenient features such as integration with popular apps and secure payment options. While the reliance on Orb verification may present some challenges, the overall benefits of World ID make it a worthwhile feature for users looking to establish their unique human identity within the app.

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