What kinds of hints does NGL give?

so what kind of hints does NGL give so if you go to your inbox and you just want to see who sent this you are prompted to upgrade and here for 6.99 per week you can upgrade for a pro version and you get can get hints like location device and gel ID that's basically three main ones and more I don't know like what that is but basically location it can be just a city like London New York Boston Amsterdam hot cop and again so it's like you know someone from Copenhagen sent you this message then device you can see like iPhone or Android so someone from Android from Copenhagen signed to this and then nglid uh that's basically uh yeah just like some identification number from nglid I don't know where to get it I'm not sure it will it will provide you a lot of info so that's basically the idea um so it's not gonna reveal you the full name or Instagram handle of the person who sent this so that's basically that um hope that can be helpful

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