What TEAM NGL means in NGL inbox?

What TEAM NGL Means in NGL Inbox?

A lot of viewers have been inquisitive about the meaning of "team NGL" in NGL messages. This begs the question: what exactly is the significance of "team NGL"? Well, let me clarify that for you.

When you navigate to your NGL messages, you may have noticed a small message at the bottom that says "send with love from team NGL." What this actually signifies is that the message you have received is not from a real person, but rather from a bot or an AI. Yes, it's true - this is a fake message, created and sent by automated technology.

Why, you may ask? The reason behind this practice is to prevent you from upgrading or paying to reveal the fact that it was a bot who sent you the message in the first place. If you encounter this "send with love from team NGL" message and notice the absence of an upgrade button, it confirms that the message is generated by a bot.

However, things might be a bit different if you come across a red button instead of the aforementioned message. In such cases, the red button prompts you to upgrade, indicating that the message was sent by a real person.

Now, it is worth mentioning that while many anonymous question apps utilize bot messages, NGL app openly acknowledges and sends them, referring to them as "low messages." If you find this peculiar, you can toggle the settings and turn off the option to receive "low messages" or bot messages on the app.

By disabling this feature, you will no longer receive messages from team NGL, as they are synonymous with bot messages within the app. It's a matter of personal preference whether you choose to keep this feature enabled or disabled.

In conclusion, "team NGL" in NGL messages refers to the bot messages generated by the app. This transparency sets NGL app apart from other anonymous question apps, making it clear to users that they are engaging with bot messages rather than real individuals.

With this information at your disposal, you can now navigate the NGL app inbox and understand the meaning behind "team NGL" messages.

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