What3words app - how to use? Complete overview for beginners

so here's trending app which is called what three words in case you're exploring and you're completely confused what what this app is about I will just show you in this tutorial so this app is about navigation it's about meeting people but in a in a kind of trendy and fun way so any location as I understand any square meter or maybe not square meter might be two square meters at this part I don't know every 10 foot square has been given a unique combination of Street words and what's Rewards address you can find share and navigate to precise location using three simple words so Find Your Way anywhere in the world using just three words plan exact Meetup location how people find your apartment business or in bin B always find your way back to your parking space save your location sell your favorite memory about Sports Guide people to accessible entrances and all of that um so yeah basically as you can see the map is just located in all these like 10 food square squares and yeah just every point on planet has three words combination code uh let's just open it up so for example this is Copenhagen and then you can just tap on any uh on any like place and then it just has this address so here you can enable different types of views you can search for these locations and yes just explore the city and just the yeah uh have that so display settings um so something like that I was just thinking uh yeah so here you can enable map settings distant units you can change all of these settings you can enable dark mode you can change language uh yeah something like that and basically yeah if you just zoom in yeah a bit more you will see that there are all these like square foot 10 square foot points and each of them has these three words a code which you can see in in the in the top so why would you need to to have that uh well there is like fun element and there is real practical element to it so like fun of course instead of like a talent to your colleagues or your like friends like where is your place it or where is your places or where where is this cafe or something instead of telling a boring address you can just say like shop grades beaters or groups Mighty probable foreign so that's one case and another case is actually pretty practical sometimes addresses can be super hard to find even if you have like this street number 57 sometimes the entrance can be in completely different building and then that building has like it's not on that address probably have been in that situation where you want to enter some street or some building but the address of the building is super wide or the building can be super big and you exactly don't know where the door is or where the entrance or where is the exact spot so this can be one of solutions where you just have you just say this and uh yeah that's that and then you just have this address and yeah and then people can exactly know where to have access and exactly this 10 square foot whereas there is entrance for example or where there is this door or something like that I've been in plenty of situations where I have the exact address you enter it in Google maps and then you can see that it's like a building or like 200 meter building or something like that and you just have no idea where exactly that is well of course you can create a pin in Google Maps but some people don't know how to do it and then it just creates confusion so maybe it's just stupider where like just add like this Rewards um so yeah and then you can also scan so you can scan this reward address you can dictate it limit broom flip so anyhow you got the idea you can also navigate to any point you can use words rewards compass and then it will just navigate to you can navigate using Google Maps from your current location just as you usually do uh yeah and then you can just save this location uh you can just play with it now there is some photo mode where you can add photos and also yeah we can just go through features so if you want to find some address uh just enter uh this in the address so yeah so let's just do it together uh for example like that and then you're just instantly redirect it like this so super easy to find any address in in this app to share the address you can just tap share in the in the bottom so just tap share and then you'll be able to share it and then for example this is how it might look like um yep um what else you can navigate as I showed you you can save you can search for any address uh just search for any three words and you can also guess if if there is any address like this uh so then yeah you can see that there is actually uh there are actual addresses like that um yeah so something like that search with voice scan you can also share this photo share a photo with a three word address and then uh yeah and then you can just share that uh so that's interesting feature so something like that so just tap photo mode and then you can just tap a photo and then you can just uh yeah zoom in to select the square where the photo was taken so something like that uh yeah and then you can just share it um so that's kind of cool um yeah there is a community you can join their job sports or whatever their settings uh so you can change distance units as a short you can see map settings search settings all of that you can just see it and then yeah you can also delete your account if yeah if you are not happy without your privacy or data you just might want to be sure just delete your account so that's that that's the point of the app pretty fun idea but as I said it can be also super practical and that's why this app is kind of getting in the top charts in the yeah in the US App Store it was there for a while I think I did a review of this apple already like a year ago but now it's it's kind of getting you even bigger uh and probably it went viral on Tick Tock so yeah hope this already was helpful and thank you for watching

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